The title of this section, taken from a work by Damian Czeladka, draws on tabloid headlines which repeatedly announced (incorrectly) the death of the well-known singer, in order to later speculate for months about the circumstances after the fact. The critique of the mass media and information manipulation which has been provided since the beginning by people of the counterculture is now gaining new intensity and relevance in the era of postfacts, chaos, and flat out information war. Meanwhile, a common strategy is the co-opting of pop culture images. This section showcases drawings by Anna Laskowska which build on the Dziennik Telewizyjny [TV Daily] propaganda news program, pieces created by Mikołąj Ławniczak from colourful press clippings, light installations by Maciej Olszewski, ironic pictures by Karol Su/Ka, an amateur film by Zdzisław Zinczuk, and rave video clips by Marcelo Zammenhoff.