Anna Laskowska – born in 1937 in Gliwice-Żerniki. Since 1996, she has lived permanently in Germany. After retiring from active work for health reasons, she began to attend an arts workshop, where she met the well-known amateur painter Bronisław Krawczuk, thanks to him, her drawings found their way into several significant collections, including in the Muzeum Śląskie.


Selected drawings, 1988
felt-tip pens and water-based paints on paper
from the collection of the Muzeum Śląskie

The drawings of the Silesian artist have never before been exhibited publicly. Laskowska drew as a hobby, at home and during art lessons. These works dating from 1988 show the presenters of television programmes, which gives them their characteristic bust format reflecting the shots of the TV cameras. It is these presenters, via such programs as Television Daily, who daily gave society their story of reality sifted through the filter of state censorship. Laskowska portrays these compromised heralds of communist propaganda, who for many however remained the only link with the outside world. Their faces, with large and immobile eyes staring at the viewer leave an ambiguous impression, provoking reflection on trust towards the media and the image of the world that the media creates.