Damian Czeladka – born in 1963 in Rzeszów, lives and works in Andrychów.
He began studies at the Department of Graphic Art and Painting at the Higher State School of Fine Arts in Łódź but did not graduate. Since the 1980s, he has been associated with the alternative scene in Kraków and Łódź, where among other activities he has been the designer of the interiors of several clubs.


Selected drawings on paper, 2015–2016
courtesy of the artist

The drawings presented here were created during the artist’s time at the Correctional Facility in Wadowice. He used, as he writes, “the only available and permitted materials here, letter or printer paper, a few pencils, a few Chinese crayons, and children’s poster paints mixed with prisoner’s toothpaste.” Individual works combine into a large collage, assembled by the artist on the floor of his cell. It is a complex visual essay, in which a wide spectrum of themes intermix, ranging from current political and social affairs to meditations on spiritual and existential questions. One of the most significant themes in Czeladka’s art is war and violence. The style and topics of his work demonstrate his involvement in the alternative culture of the 1980s (for example, the returning motif of Babylon or the influence of the “new wild ones” artists).

Selected painted works, late 1980s
The Vibrators, 1980s
silkscreen stencil
courtesy of Łukasz Stworzewicz

This selection of paintings by Damian Czeladka shows his true colours – as a painter, as the creator of large-scale, expressive compositions for which the drawings presented in the section “Sava Putin Sava” are merely sketches, a compromise forced on the artist by the limited creative possibilities offered in the penal institution. His style originates in the aesthetic of the “new wild ones” and of punk, as can be seen from a still-preserved silkscreen stencil featuring the name of the British punk group the Vibrators and a Rastafarian lion. A significant portion of his works have been destroyed in recent years.