Daniel Stachowski – born in 1983 in Wrocław, where he lives and works.
Illustrator, painter, creator of spatial forms, author of stories. Since 2004, he has been associated with the art-therapy workshop of the Ostoja Association in Wrocław.


Selected works on paper, 2007–2016
courtesy of the artist and the Ostoja Association

Stachowski is fascinated by history, politics, and alternative music, from which he draws motifs for his drawings. He is a critical artist, and the targets of his attacks are mainly the hypocrisy of politicians and clergy, as well as the economic injustice which he sees as an effect of the acceptance in Poland after 1989 of neoliberal economic doctrines. A further important theme in his work is the history of the Solidarity movement and the martial law period, which have recently returned to the spotlight in public discussion in Poland. The style of Stachowski’s work is rife with echoes of the underground aesthetic, photocopied punk zines, and especially radical anarchist satirical comics, including the Katowice anti-clerical comic “Piglet”, drawn by Krzysztof Owedyk, and “Forbidden Fruit”, drawn by Dariusz “Pała” Palinowski, published in Toruń.