Franciszek Dzida – born in 1946 in Chybie in Cieszyn Silesia, died in 2013 in Bielsko-Biała. Amateur filmmaker, screenwriter, and camera operator, artist, founder of the KLAPS amateur film club in his home town of Chybie, which is still active today. The inspiration for the character of Filip Mosz in the film “The Camera Buff” by Krzysztof Kieślowski.


Butterflies,1971, 12’53”
digitalised 8 mm film
courtesy of the Municipal Culture Centre in Chybie

The film „Butterflies” was created at an amateur film club operating at the sugar refinery in the Silesian town of Chybie. It is an expression of fascination with American counterculture, with its ‘flower power’ aspect, as exemplified by the legendary festival in Woodstock. Apart from the then-shocking erotic freedom of the main characters, the idyllic scenery, and the powerful rock soundtrack, there are also direct associations with the hippie movement, such as the peace sign stitched onto the back of the jacket of one of the characters. It is a dream of liberation and free love, liberally splashed with close-ups of the female body and banned American music, juxtaposed with scenes from the cramped worker’s flat of the main character, which plays a crucial role in the plot. It is a dream of something more, of a life whose rhythms are not dictated by the timeclock of a factory.