Justyna Matysiak – born in 1979 in Poznań. Lives and works in Przeźmierów near Poznań. Illustrator. She began to create artworks at the “Krzemień” Occupational Therapy Workshops in Poznań. In 2007, she received the international Grand Prix INSITA, awarded by the Slovak National Gallery during the 8th Triennial of Self-Taught Art in Bratislava. Since 2008, she has been working with the Open Studio at Gallery Tak in Poznań.


Selected drawings, 2015–2017
courtesy of the artist and Gallery TAK

The art of Justyna Matysiak, similar to Ewa Bloom-Kwiatkowska’s coat, presented in the “Sava Putin Sava” section, combines radical fashion with a critical message. Her works most often consist of a drawing of a figure dressed in an avant garde costume of her design, with an accompanying text. Recently, these texts more and more insistently express pain and opposition to her own existential situation, also reflected in the darkened colour palette, atypical for the artist. Matysiak breaks sexual taboos for disabled persons, and confronts ideals of beauty and lifestyles promoted by the media. In her latest works, a theme of female revolt appears, as in the moving drawing entitled “My Black Protest.” Matysiak’s art is feminist art, and embodies a struggle for the autonomous creation of her own femininity, lifestyle, and ultimately, her own life.