Kazimierz Malinowski – born in 1967 in Lublin, lives and works in Samoklęski. A poet, painter, sculptor, and musician. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University. During the transformation period, he was a leader of the Lublin Autonomous Anarchist Group and one of the founders of the Free Culture Centre in Lublin.


Selected paintings, 2012 – 2016
Acrylic on board and canvas
courtesy of the artist

In 1996, continuing the tradition of alternative settlements that in the Lublin area reach back to the times of the hippies, the artist abandoned the city life and moved to an old house in the village of Samoklęski. He is a practising Zen Buddhist, and many of his paintings are rooted in the philosophy and iconography of that religion. There is also no shortage in these works of references to the contemporary world and Poland, which in the artist’s vision is following its path of dharma. There is in this vision a dream of the reconstruction of society, but not via revolution (which he had fought for as an anarchist), but rather through spiritual transformation. Several years ago, the artist burned the majority of his earlier painted works. Today, he says of himself, “Basically, the crux of my existence is drift, levitation, laziness, and a growing misanthropy.”