Maciej Olszewski – born in 1975 in Poznań. Creator of objects and light installations. He graduated from Basic Vocational School with a specialisation as a tool specialised metalworker. Olszewski works at the Metalowiec Disabled Persons Cooperative in Poznań. He has been active in art since 2000.


The Sun of Bob Marley
Figaro Sun
Green Dune
The Frame of Enlightenment
Music Bulldog
Ledios Fontanios
Lednica Cruise
A Light Breeze
light objects
courtesy of the artist

Maciej Olszewski is the author of original objects which combine his fascination with lighting of techno parties with DIY crafts. His work “Trancemission” is a direct nod to the Dutch DJ and trance music producer Armin Van Buuren. “Discowagon” and its accompanying sound system made of hydraulic pipes create a kit which the artist takes with himself on walks around the housing projects and plays music. This project brings to mind the beginnings of hip hop subculture, when the residents of American cities paced the streets with battery powered ghettoblasters, taking the party with them wherever they went. Most of Olszewski’s works, however, are not functional; they are instead sublime light compositions in which industrial elements, sometimes rubbish in fact, become art.