Marcelo Zammenhoff (birth name, Piotr Wygachiewicz) – born in 1970 in Łódź, where he lives and works. A creator of videos, photographer, designer, composer, and art promoter. A representative of Polish non-mainstream cinema and the experimental postindustrial/electro/synth-pop/noise scene, leader of performance-musical groups, such as F.P.Z., Morris Generativ, Protoplazma, E-1 and Mikrowafle. In the 90s, he founded the Electric Theatre, the film group Plazma TV and the Xylolit Gallery in Łódź.


Fuck, What is this?, 1986, 22’23”
Anomalies – 2, 1989–1990, 6’54”
digitalised 8 mm films

The early video works of Marcelo Zammenhoff are actually developed, artistic videoclips for the music of his groups F.P.Z. and Morris Generativ. Cultivating a low-fi aesthetic, without a linear narrative, they are a collage comprised of 8 mm films which he made, found footage, and formal tape experiments. As the artist recalls, “At that time I was a rebellious and defiant youth, and my aesthetic sensibility was crude (which was conditioned both by my material situation, and the technical possibilities available), but was somehow in line with some of the trends of that time. My artistic ideas were a bit chaotic, they were emotional outbursts.”

Untitled, 1990s
stroboscope and costume
courtesy of the artist

Marcelo Zammenhoff is one of the pioneers of the underground rave scene in Poland. Since the 1980s, he has been active in the typically DIY spirit of the alternative ethos, creating his own music, costumes, videoclips, graphic materials, and party settings, which he also organised. Two unique artefacts come from this period; one of the first strobe lights in Poland, handmade by the artist, and a stage design. Zammenhoff treated his concerts as artistic performances, taking great care with the scenography, costumes, and lighting effects. Since the early 1990s, inspired by rave culture he has also created light installations using fluorescent lights, diodes, and laser beams.