Mikołaj Ławniczak – born in 1977 in Poznań, where he lives and works. Ławniczak creates sculptures, objects, and drawings. Since 2000, he has participated in the “Krzemień” Occupational Therapy Workshops, and currently works with the Open Studio at Gallery Tak in Poznań.


Selected objects, 2015–2017
courtesy of the artist and Gallery TAK

For several years, the artist has been systematically creating objects in a technique which he developed himself; he attaches photos clipped out of the press with a thick layer of adhesive tape to cardboard squares. These squares function as fetish-objects which the artist stacks in piles. Thousands of these individual objects, when seen en masse, create a suggestive visual image of the contemporary cult of beauty – the majority of these images are models and actresses juxtaposed with traditional religious images and expensive automobiles. With Ławniczak, we are dealing with a fascination with pop culture and overwhelming load of images which surround us, and which the artist appropriates for his own art. In trying to frame and make permanent that which by nature is ephemeral, a cut-out from a newspaper for example, he gives the images he has selected a new value and protects them from imminent destruction. His collage becomes a sign of resistance against the „grist mill” of images in contemporary culture.