Pisarka M.H. – born approx. 1955, lives and works wherever she chooses. An artist and poet, Pisarka M.H. has decided to live outside of normal society. She defines herself as „an artist, a fortune teller, a secretary, a writer, a merchant, a social activist, a professor, a seamstress, a driver, and bodyguard” (taken from a sign which is part of her total material possessions which she carries on her travels).


Documentation of actions, 2014
courtesy of RMF FM and Agencja Gazeta

On the 18th of February 2014, about 7.30 a.m., city authorities noticed a woman who was drawing with coloured chalk on the walls of the Sukiennice in Kraków. She was providing the figurative representations with existential commentary, such as “I am being used as a guinny pig without my consent (original spelling)” and “I would like to be a bird / most of all a starling / I would travel the world over / and live where life is good.” The drawings were quickly removed, and their author was charged with damaging a historic building, a charge which involves a potential sentence of up to five years in jail. On being detained, she explained that she considers the arcades of the Sukiennice to be her home, a private area, and she “only wanted things to be pretty.” As a justification, she added that “young people also paint on the walls” (thus locating her work within the sphere of graffiti art). The striking thing in Pisarka M.H.’s act is the provocative play with paradox, undermining current rules and notions. She defends her harsh, bellicose slogans as a “beautification”, and calls the fragment of the historic building her home.