Robert Brylewski – born in 1961 in Warsaw, where he lives and works today. Guitarist, vocalist, composer, author of lyrics, and producer, a legend of the Polish independent music scene, as well as a creator of art objects, painter, and graphic artist. Brylewski made his debut in 1978 as the vocalist and guitarist of the group The Boors (which later changed its name to Kryzys, and finally to Brygada Kryzys). He has been a member of groups such as Izrael, Armia, and Deuter.


Selected objects, 2005–2011
courtesy of the artist

Brylewski was already creating artworks at the beginning of his musical career, including the “Pigman” comic, pictures reproduced on the covers of LPs by his group Izrael, and experimental videoclips. A multifaceted approach like this was in line with the DIY ethos of the punk subculture, in which the musicians themselves looked after the visual aspect of their creativity, creating stage costumes and accessories, drawings and collages photocopied for fanzines, flyers or posters. While in the West DIY was often an expression of protest against the professional music industry machine, in Poland it became a response to the socialist economy of constant shortages. The exhibition presents new, heretofore unexhibited works by Brylewski which illustrate his attachment to the raw punk antiaesthetic and critical attitude to the successive ruling parties in Poland.