Ryszard Szozda – born in 1976 in Kraków, lives and works in Warsaw.
He is a graduate of the Department of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Between 1999–2000, he studied at the Department of Photography at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. From 2002, he worked in commercial operations, returning ten years later to painting. The editor of the radio show “Birds and Ornithologists” on Radio Głosy, a project which engages individuals who identify as disturbed, to look from their perspective ad experiences at reality in modern art.


Untitled, 2016 (from the cycle Hellfire)
oil on canvas
courtesy of the artist

The cycle “Hellfire” is inspired by films of executions committed by the US Army by means of drones in the Near East. Youtube is full of authentic operational materials, which internauts transform into videoclips supplied with techno music. The paintings of Szozda are abstract battle scenes, giving a faithful picture of contemporary war scenes, in which a person becomes a target for liquidation just like in a computer game. A second essential theme in Szozda’s painting is racial violence in the USA. “The Third World War is already in progress, although not everybody wants to know about it. I’m painting it,” says artist.