Stanisław Garbarczuk – born in 1954 in Lębork, lives and works in the village of Gorzewo near Sierpc. He is a creator of installations, paintings, photographs, and also a performer. In 2015, he was asked by fellow artist from the village of Kurówko, Daniel Rycharski, to collaborate on the “Monument to a Peasant” project.


Selected painted works, 2015–2017
tar and industrial paints on plywood, paint on cardboard
Photographic archive, 2010–2015
digitalised photographic archive

Garbarczuk is a creator of protest billboards and installations which he composes into exhibitions on the fence and in the courtyard of his home along a busy road running from Sierpc to Płock. These works, which are created from materials of poverty and found objects, are only replaced when the have been destroyed by weather conditions. Garbarczuk’s art, playfully exploiting the possibilities of language and typography, is a harsh criticism of the process of systemic transformation that has been occurring in Poland. Although the form of his work recalls street protests, it lacks the urban carnival atmosphere characteristic of such protests. The artist simultaneously conducts documentation of his work. These raw, unstudied, and wonderfully composed photographs represent a separate part of his oeuvre.

Glove, 2017
courtesy of the artist

In contrast, the “Glove” which he has sewn together from old clothes is a prop for a performance during which the artist threw down this glove at the gates of the Polish Parliament building, as symbol of his challenge of politicians to a duel. This ironic and provocative action, testing as it does the sincerity of those who are fond of invoking “sovereignty” in public discourse, is underpinned by a feeling of helplessness regarding our lack of influence on what those who we have elected do to represent us.