Tomasz Machciński – born in 1942 in Górki in the Puszcza Kampinoska, he lives and works in Kalisz. A photographer, performer, interdisciplinary creator. A self-taught artist, trained as a precision machinist. Since 1966, he has created more than 18,000 photographic self-portraits. His artistic credo is “I don’t use wigs or tricks, but I use everything that is happening in my body, such as hair growing back, cavities, illnesses, aging, etc. The work of art is me, Tomasz Machciński.”


Selected photographs from 1968–2008
vintage prints
Selected video works from 2008–2017
video, 6’27”
courtesy of the artist

The ongoing, lifelong project of Tomasz Machciński is a virtual atlas of humanity collecting the most diverse types of people, criminals and saints, celebrities and beggars, young ladies and the elderly. It is a story intertwined with life of being and time. The medium in this case is the body of the artist, changing with the passage of years and illnesses undergone. The artist often plays with gender stereotypes, and the exhibition presents a selection of photos which include female figures. For a decade, by using the possibilities of digital cameras, Machciński has been recording performances of improvised vocal pieces with the addition of the incarnations frozen in the photographs.