Zdzisław Zinczuk – amateur director, during the times of the Polish People’s Republic a member of the “AWA” amateur film club in Poznań. His film was shown as part of a project by Marysia Lewandowska and Neil Cummings entitled “Enthusiasts” at the Centre for Modern Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw and at the Whitechapel Gallery in London.


Function, 1981
digitalised 16 mm film, 1’07”

Zdzisław Zinczuk’s short film is a formal experiment, in which close-ups shots of lips become a graphic symbol, bringing to mind such pop culture icons as The Rolling Stones logo. Flush with eroticism, the red-painted lips carry out mundane activities, only to end with a feminine kiss against their own mirrored reflection. This is a rare example of a film made in an amateur film club (it was in fact made in a club which was part of a national network of such clubs, primarily associated with factories and workplaces, allowing workers to satisfy the artistic aspirations) which directly refers to the aesthetics of American pop art.

To Touch Sound, 1981 (with D. Skubel)
digitalised 16 mm film, 6’28”
courtesy of the Zamek Cultural Centre in Poznań

“To Touch Sound” by Zinczuk and Skubel tells the story of the festival in Jarocin as an ecstatic, delirious even, manifestation of a state of release, a specific life in stasis which occurred in Poland in 1981 (after the August Accords were signed in 1980, and before the declaration of martial law). A rigorous formal structure builds the incredible climate of the film – the increasing ecstasy of the participants in this group ritual is matched by increasingly loud trance music, which at the culminating moment of the film, not able to keep up with the image, suddenly goes silent. The best escape from paranoid reality turns out to be contact with nature.