“I don’t believe politicians” – this quote from a song by Polish punk group Tilt best sums up the attitudes of the artists whose works are shown in this part of the exhibition. Stanisław Garbarczuk, Robert Brylewski, Pisarka M.H., Daniel Stachowski, Włodzimierz Czerw and Radosław Perlak, though coming from different lifestyle and ideological perspectives, all take a critical look at the political situation in Poland and around the world. The influence of the full arsenal of tools in what can be broadly called “protest art” can be seen in their works, including the anarchic feel of a street demonstration, graffiti, or collages more at home in a ‘zine or comic. The amateur film “Dotknąć dźwięku [To Touch Sound]” recorded by Zdzisław Zinczuk and Dariusz Skubel during the Jarocin Festival in 1981 shows the links between the punk (anti)aesthetic in music and in the visual arts. The drawing which lends its name to the exhibition, “Poland’s Burning” by Daniel Stachowski, inspired by the lyrics of a song by Kazik, is among the most relevant and concise diagnoses of the current crisis.