This fragment of the exhibition is dedicated to exploration of the spiritual sphere. Interest in the religions of the East and new religious movements was one of the factors which influenced the beginnings of the hippie movement, from the 1970s present also in Poland. A characteristic phenomenon which arose at that time was ‘alternative settlement’ – moving unrepentant artists and outsiders from the city to the country. One of the later settlers was Kazimierz Malinowski, the poet and painter, and at the time of intense political transformations a leader in Lublin anarchist circles, currently residing in the village of Samoklęski, quietly practising Buddhism in solitude. It is his painting/manifesto which provides the title for this section, where works by Erwin Sówka, Karol Su/Ka and Damian Czeladka are also shown. Apart from religious motifs and themes – Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian – one can also see in their works a clear fascination with psychedelia and spiritualism.